Friday, November 20!
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90's Nostalgia 

Thanks. :)

As of now, Updated pa rin 'tong Blogspot ko.

Nag-start lang ako sa Tumblr.

~ Mai

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Thursday, November 19!
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Got home from the hospital. Sorry I wasn't able to post something last night. K.O. ako eh! =p
Nyway, Mika, my cousin, is in the hospital. Dengue is it. Humabol pa siya sa last wave ng dengue for 2k9.. So far, she good. Starting to bleed, pero it's normanl naman daw according to our pedia. Mama & her parents decided to confine her in the hospital just few blocks away para ma-monitor daw siya. We ate Mcdo last night in her room. Wee! Yuminess. Haha. & PaoTsin kanina before I went home. I'm getting bigger & bigger, food attack. Haha. :D She can eat, I gave her grapes kanina, actually we we're playing with it kaya nakakain siya. Haha.

School? Too much works kanina. We're supposed to have a quiz for HeCo today but we didn't have it, a graded recitation for Philosophy about Socrates Plato & Aristotle, I recited naman & my blockmates we're all laughing kasi I pronounced Socrates as SOKREYTS. Haha. Yaah. Akala ko kasi ganun, haha. Well anyway, Angela & I we're tasked to report for our concept map in Panitikan but we end up having Earvin to discuss about it because it was his "concept". :))
GAA! 3courses in a row! Super K.O. Haha. I was like reading HeCo & Philo & Filipino papers while I was in the jeep, walking at the campus, going to my room @ 3rd floor, and eating "cookieng malaki" while having discussions. Haha. :D Then go ate Mcdo AGAIN for lunch. Haha. I never get tired of eating Mcdo's Caramel Sundae. Wiii! Haha. We didn't have NSTP class so I get to go home early and went to National Bookstore with my blockmates annd @ Daiso. :)) After buying necessary materials for Anal Chem tomorrow, blockmates went home & I went straight to the hospital & slept there. Haha. :D:D

I'm gonna watch SAW VI tonight. :D Sa net lang. SSSHH.  :))
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Tuesday, November 17!
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Holla! :) Just got home from watching 2012 at Gateway with blockmates. It's a WOW movie. Something deserving for the Oscars, right? 

We left school mga 11:30, Analytical Chem is heart pounding talaga ever! Nag-on the spot recitation si Prof I-Still-Dunno-Her-Unlucky-Name about the different chemical reactions. I'm thankful for my surname for saving me, hindi umabot sa 'P'. :D Then we went to Mcdo to have our early lunch kasi nga we're so excited to go to the movies na, haha! :D Ate Caramel Sundae, yum-ness. :D

We got there at 1:00 in the afternoon, kaya lang di namin naabutan yung 2012 Dolby, napunta tuloy sa ordinary. Grr. But it's okay. Haha. :)) Nag-brownout pa, but it didn't took long for the elec. to be up again. Gadd it's cold. The movie lasted for 2 and half hours so sulit na sulit. Haha. :) FUUUUN day.GREEEEAT movie, too. :)) *2 thumbs up!
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Monday, November 16!
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Can't wait for tomorrow. :))
So much excitement daw oh. Haha.

2012 isn't worth watching daw?? :| Parang di naman..
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I guess my memory card's got a mofo virus. ;(( 

Gad. I really have to buy a new one.
Mukhang na-virus na naman si compaq. ;'* 


Anyway, I'm done with Analytical Chem's assignment. c'mon. No sweat darlings. :))))
Kasi all I have to do is copy. Haha. Thanks Intahnet-uh! :D

P.S.: He's asking me if I'm angry. Ofcourse not.... (...) *sighs
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Sunday, November 15!
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Just got home. Fresh from school. :"> Twas a fine day.. Though Philo, once again, as usual, made my brain like to explode. Haha. :)) We had a group activity in our Filipino class, about our assignment in Panitikan, luckily the reporting went well though we're not that prepared. :D HeCo, we had a quiz. 1-20.. I guess I passed naman. The passing score is 13. Yes. Not the 50% of the total, because our prof want us to achieve higher. YEEEEEAH. Haha. :P:P Fine. We had PE too, with 2 other sections from Business Admin. & Tourism. :) Fine din naman.

It's so hot outside. Grrr. Feels like it's oven out there. Hmm. Hope you all got home safe!:D

P.S.: We're gonna watch 2012 na tomorrow! 
2012, here I come! ;p  
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Oh crap I'm done with my homeworks at last! :)) Um yeah, there's 3more questions left, but FTW I can do it tomorrow morning at school, atleast now I can sleep well already. :D Goodbye blogging? No. It's gonna be a busy week for me, but I'll keep this thing updated hopefully everyday. :D I promised myself I'm gonna do good for this 2nd sem. I don't want a fuckin' 3 for my grade again. >.< Crapness. I won't procrastinate anymore, as much as possible. I'll go home early to do advance readings and go befriend the dictionary for my vocabulary. :)) But ofcourse, I'll make sure I go to the cinemas once in a while. Haha. ;)) I have to watch the latest! Teen life, duh. :P:P 

I'm happy I read Philo again and again and I understood it atlast. F that so damn hard. :)) Good thing there's this called Internet, CyberWorld, OnlineDictionary. :D I have this 2 gigantic dictionaries with me on the floor while I'm reading. It felt good, as if I'm a genius. Haha. :D:D Oh well. I'm starting to love Philosophy now that I understand it. :))

Have a good sleep everybody. Have to updated my Twitter & Facebook, too. Goodluck for the week ahead, do good. Always. <3<3<3 
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Just wasted 69:28 minutes of my life. Paranormal Acitivity isn't worth the time & cash. It's not that nice. Or maybe the one I've just watched is different from the one in the cinemas (I just watched it on the net.).Still the pace is verrrrry slow. Rate? 4/12. I got scared sometimes, or just freaked out. But nothing's in there. >:[ CRAP!
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Saturday, November 14!
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Our official class shirt. ;'( Oh how I miss the 4-Pearl days.. I miss my old friends, bihira na lang kami magkita & makapag-text, thank God Facebook & Twitter exists. I miss the histerical laughs I used to have because of them, the endless class projects and productions na inaabot kami ng gabi just for the preparations.. I miss the 'tambay' moments at Walter Mart after school, the DQ moments, and movie marathons together.. :) We have a such wonderful senior HS life. Though mataas ang expectations 'cause we're the cream of the crop, we still manage to have friends in lower years and other sections as well. We made our adviser proud in different ways, made our section stand out above all, did silly things together, played under the rain in our uniform, ate with just 1 spoon and a plate, stayed up late for unlicalls, procrastinate together and alot of stuffs.. Our batch is one of the best, according to our teachers back then, & we're also the noisiest and the energetic among all the cream sections.. We made our name known, and unforgettable.. We made history.. we made LEGACY.

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Twister-fied. :)) My brother bought all of us KFC Twister! :P Yumness. I told him if he can buy me Mcdo Apple Pie and he bought me this instead. :) Nom nom nom.. Yea. I'm eating Twister right now, on top of my Compaq. :))

Still craving for apple pie now. ;'(.
thanks for the Twister madness though. :D 
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 7 Astounding Titles for the Phils., baby!

And again, Manny "Pacman" Pacquaio managed to win this historic fight against Miguel Cotto. :)) Filipino Pride people! ;) Manny is million bucks richer than yesterday men. Hindi na na-shock ang mga Pilipino sa kinahantungan ng laban. :D Though the fight last for 12rounds, referee's decision naman. :) And to think he only finished elementary, Manny is making the whole nation proud AGAIN! :D Keep it up Manny. The whole nation & the whole world supports you. :) 
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It's Sunday Morning dear. ;) Family Day! Oh well, end of the freakin' weekend. Tomorrow's Monday again. I have HECO, Philo, Fil, and PE classes from 7:30 of the F morning till 4:30 in the afternoon. Gawddd. How I hate Mondays! & Thurs, too, coz we have the same sched except for PE will be replaced by NSTP2 sched. Harshness. >.< I hate Philo.. We all hate Philo. How come MedTech students are recquired to take up Philosophy anyway? Sighs*.

It's the middle of the day and I haven't done anything yet, I still have to:

And the most important of all, I have to attend the church. :) Thank God for all of the blessings and protection He gave me and our family and friends the whole week. 

So basically, that's about it. :) Maybe I'll post another one later. Chow down!

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When will I be able to watch this awesome movie kaya? It's the 2nd day today and the lines are still effin' long. I bet mas studded to kesa sa New Moon (I'm not a Twilight Fan, that's why. ;P) Shit. Paranormal Activities is also on the line up of my must-watch ! Hays. Can't wait! ;))) I like Alice in Wonderland too. Is that pambata or stuff? I think it's like Charley and the Choco Fac. Parang it's nice naman. :P Wanna watch with me? Haha. I'm with my friends. Sana lang walang KJ na nanood na. Shitty peeps! How about Astroboy?! LOL. Too boyish. This Is It? MJ? Hmm.. Pwede. Pero I'm not so into him. :) But I like his songs.

Okay. I'm gonna rest my eyes now sweety. :"> 5hrs straight on the comp makes my eyes scream. Haha. :)) Comments are highly appreciated guys. So please drop some. :)

Thanks! Have a Good Sleep ahead. :)) 
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Nikon camera cake! :)) Sweet. I would love to have this on my debut. Can I? This will be the souvenir stuff for my 18th. :P I swear!
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Covini C6W : Such a freak crap! It's like a cow having 6legs! Look, whats the purpose of having 4wheels and 2wheels at the effin' back?! Does adding 2 more wheels makes the car fly? Can people drive it across the rivers or stuff? Or maybe it's like the MIB car or the Batman car. Oh my, maybe there's destruction weapons on the 2 additional wheels that'll strike lovers fucking on the streets? I just don't get it. Who the hell would like to drive this insane car anyway? It's just for the show off (for me). Crazy people who's got the money of the world would spend shit to buy this thing just because of it's luxurious status. If it doesn't have anything extraordinary than a 4-wheeled vehicle, it's just a piece of junk & a waste of bucks for us.

For those interested for this crapiness, limited numbers of this will be produced by the end of 2009. Yes, the production of this is just few more days to go. It's up to you if you'd like to drive it around the Metro. :">
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Can we have it here? Inside our house. Haha. :)) Lovin' the blue lights! Is it moving or something? Like, does the "parasites" are turning blue and the "character's" have the chance to eat 'em all, or stuff? Haha. I wonder too much, eh? I used to play Pacman when I was a kid on this gadget I forgot what it's called. Anyway, it's a fun game. I get panic all the time. :D
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BRA of the FUTURE.

How the hell should i wear it? Does it still have straps & lock at the back, or should i just wear it like it has magnet or something that'll stick to my skin? Haha. :> Great idea though. I'm loving the neon colors. Can i go to gimiks with this? Haha. ;"> Flattery. Women's bras appearance in the future are already planned. How ironic. Oh, and maybe when there'll be blackouts, I can wear it inside the house to look for stuffs or whatso? Haha. :D Funee! I hope it still have pads, so you know. Support? Protection against the LED lights. :P
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Such a scam. :)) I like the "thanks man" part. :D It's like giving in from the "busted-ment" . LOL. :)))
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WANT to have like NOOOOW! Haha. :)) Cutie. ;P 
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Here we have what we call Dazzling! :) Oh Sheesh. LIKEEY! This Benz is literally covered with diamond! Just imagine how much its cost is?! A whooping 4.8M freaking dollar, babe!
See? People these days. Wala nang magawa sa pera nila. The diamond-covered Benz is displayed during the DUB car show tour & it got 2 colors, one's silver & the other is kinda gold, i think . 
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Bet the kid doesn't have any idea yet for what we call 'BRAIN'. ;)) Hella brave, huh? Kung bata pa din ako ngayon, at nauso yan, baka diyan din ako sinakay. :D Sa utak ng creepy cyclops monster na yan. :D Hahaha. LOOK, the eye, it's sticking out! Creepy pag papunta sa direction mo yan. Haha. It's like staring at you, magnified 50000x. LOL! 
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A fish from Lubbock, Texas back in 2006. Notice it's teeth, looks like human teeth! Eeeer. I find it disgusting. How the hell, is it like having sex with a fish and having an offspring of that kind?! Hell creepy. :S LOOOOOK! Disgust. Grabe lang. :}}

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Don't loose your contacts when you drop your phone. :">
Literally speaking fans. :))

Image from 
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3:18 AM ; World
World’s Most Hungriest Girl

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3:16 AM ;

FTW! This is so effin' gayyyyyyy. Haha. Fuhnee. ;)

Btw, that dick-like bread is called Bread Cock. Enough said, right? Haha. :))))
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3:11 AM ;

Seesh. I hope there'll be the Reblog thing here too, just like in the compli world of Tumblr. LOL. :)) Easier way of blogging images, with credits pa. :) Para I can make images/text quotes images na. I like Blogspot than Tumblr though, mas madami kasi akong posts dito. Ang selan kasi ng lapitopi ko, ayaw magQuote sa Tumblr. :P Sana mas maging popular dito, as pop as FaceBook dude, ganyan ako mag-expect eh. HAHA! :)

THUMBS UP for Blogspot. <3 *thumbs
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We would've lost everything, atleast I know how to say sorry. :'))
His love for me is simply amazing and I couldn't afford to exchange it for any damn thing in the world. <3

Paolo Serrano K-I-S-S-I-N-G Mariah Felice Angelia Pedreno, under the F tree. *:)
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2:50 AM ;

Congrats to my 56th post! :) Got suuuper busy these past days. It's the first week of the 2nd semester & I'm kinda not liking it. ;) I'm missing too much from the "original" 1MT02. I'm missing Paul, Alfey, Ella, Kim, & Alec (the PAJAK people.) and Runi, the 2 bestfriends, and Gabs. :'( 02 effin' miss them. Natambakan kasi kami ng mga "strangers" from crappy blocks. ;D LOL.

Look at that image. EFFIN' Funny. Haha. :D I'm not a fan of Pokemon, so I don't have any idea who's Pokemon character is that. Haha. Oh green mind. Haha. LOL!

I'm so craving for white forest right now. :'| I'm starving. Har. I haven't been on Mcdu (Mcdo crap out. :P.) the whole day. Me want HOT FUDGE! & Apple Pie & Fries. :(( Oh Starv!

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Tuesday, November 10!
6:50 AM ;
Second day of classes. :)
So far so good. Except for that of our room, so freakin' hot. >;O Pero okay naman.
Haha. :D I'm so scared of Anal Chem. Nakaka-pressure. T.T Parang napakahirap. Haha. :D
Tomorrow, 7.30 in the F* morning ang class ko, up to 12noon.
Kanina 9-11 lang. So happy. Haha. :D I'm not comfortable of my classmates. Ang iingay. Haha. Ang gagaslaw. Parang mga bata. Mga shitty peeps. Haha. :D

Yun lang. :D
Wala pa kaming new pics, kasi we're not interested on having our pics taken together. :P 
Basta ayaw namin sa kanila. The orig 02 is still & forever will be the best. <3 :P
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Wednesday, November 4!
9:15 PM ;
Got home from school. :)
Nag-enroll na. Tss. Chicken. Haha. XD
LOL ~ Ang haba ng pila sa registrar & accounting f*ckin' sheet.
Parang pila na ng wowowee.XD Umulan pa ng bongga. Ayon. Super poise. Baka dumulas na naman. Haha. :D
Had fun though. I went with my mom. 
Section 2. Meaning I still belong to 1MT02. Haha. :D 1-2 lang ang sections available for Regular students, 3-5 naman for Irregulars. Ayon. :) Akala ko talaga di na ko aabot sa 2. Baka kasi isingit ako sa 1. Ayoko dun e. Haha. :D LOL ~ Plus, nagmamadali pa talaga ako. Pag dating ko kasi ng campus, andun na din yung batalyon ng mga taga-03 na super hate ng lahat. Haha. :D :D Sabay sabay sila mag-eenroll. Pag dating ko sa Dean's office, Section 2 na lang daw ang available. Meaning, magiging magkaklase kami ni Broncy. Oh shit. Goodluck sa face niya. Haha. X)) LOL. Well, wala na kong magagawa. Ok lang. Yaan na yan. Haha. :D :D

So it's cold. Find someone to hug now. Coz I have mine, Haha. <3
Mr. Paolo Serrano is the name. :) Wee. *Kileg*



have a good day ahead EVERYBODY. ;)
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Tuesday, November 3!
9:43 PM ;
Very Cold Afternoon Everybody. :))
It's raining again. DEYM.
can't go to the mall, so tamad. I need, (not necessarily*)to buy new strings for my fone. :) yep. STRIIINGS. haha. ;P got bored with the green one. I'm thinking maybe black & white now. :)

I went to school yesterday. Usapan is 10am, i got up from bed at 10am na. XD oh db? so tamad talaga. i texted my friend to meet me at Gateway, sabay na kami papuntang school. So ayon, nauna pa ko sa kanya. :D Sabi na nga ba. Nagmamabagal si boy. HAR. I was standing there, for about 15mins i got so impatient I went to Starbucks to get myself JAVA CHIP. Haha. LOL ~ My all time favorite. Then I went out of the mall & waited for him infront of Mcdo like kawawa. :)) Haha.

LOL it's so effin hot yesternoon. At around 11am-2pm.
SEESH. I feel like i'm burning. Literally. :D

We got there around 12noon. Oh db, Walang lunch lunch yan. I'm starving already. Haha.
We saw our blockmates. They already heve their grades with them.
Ayon. 3.00 silang lahat sa Math. Sabi lahat daw kami ipapasa. :))
Wii. I'm excited! Di na ko kinabahan. Haha. :D
So we went to the Dean's office where the f*ckeen profs are, to get our f*ckeen grades. Haha. All are so F!
As what they have said, I got 3.00 for College Algeb! FTW. But it's okay. Atleast, I'm still REGULAR.
HAHAHA!. LOL~  I got 1.25 for English & the other one, I forgot. Then the rest are lame 2.something. 
BUT IT'S OK! Haha. :P It's Ze's 17th Birthday yesterday too, so we ate at Gateway. HER TREAT. Haha. :D
I so love it. Too much laughtrips. Then got tired. Then laughs again. Haha. :)) twas* fun. VERY. <3

I'll go back to the university tomorrow to enroll myself. So yea, very early. As early as 7am.
Cos my friends are like so excited. FTW. Haha. :D :D So I have to be excited too. LOL. >:]

SEESH. Cold talaga.
>:) Yon lang muna, friends. Kk?
Thanks for visiting my not-so-organized BLOGY.>:D
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Sunday, November 1!
9:17 AM ;
it's been Hell. :) :P

Seesh. I made it again. Haha. :D I signed in using my own laptoppy without difficulty. ROFLMAO. XD
Haha. :P Tinotopak kasi to eeh. Well.. Ang boring. Oh, Happy All Saints' Day whoever's reading this.
It's 1:05 in the morning, so Happy All Souls' Day na din. :D Hindi ako nakauwing Bulacan. :( Yeah. Sad. All of my cousins are there, INGGIT! Hindi kami sinama ni mama, maaga kasi siyang umalis. Sabi niya ginigising niya daw kami. :P Ayaw daw namin gumising. Wiw. Nagbabad na lang ako sa net. :| 

I browsed Tumblr the whole day. Habang nag-aantay ng foods sa Cafe World. :D :D Tumblr's nice pala. Hindi ko pa lang siya maapreciate ngayon. I have my account there already. About 1week old. 1 post pa lang. :) Yea. Still noob. Im just trying. What's tumblrity? Hmm. I have no idea. Can you guys tell me?

On track, SEXY BIT*H. :) :) so purti.
next Vanilla Twilight. :*

My cousin, and at the same time, my kina-kapatid, just arrived kaning 6pm here in Pinas. :) She's working as a flight attendant sa PAL. Yes. A dream come true for my ate. :) Matinding hirap bago niya nakamit ang pangarap. Haha. :D Lol. She's very pretty now. Nag-mature. Anyway, we missed her. I'll see her again pag umuwi kami ng Bulacan for their house blessing. So ayon.. That's something I'm excited about. I'll get to see my other cousins older than me as well. 1year ko na silang di nakikita? Or hindi naman? Haha. :D :P

NOVEMBER 3,2009 : Judgement DAY!
Grr. So nervous.. Hindi ko alam kung magiging ireg student ako, or what. T.T Low grades sa College Algeb and maybe Chem, too. ;( Oh God help. Ang hirap ng medTech. T.T If not for my friends at kung hindi ko lang talaga to nasimulan. :(( HAY. I think i won't make it sa Battery exam pagdating ng 3rd year. Baka 2nd year pa lang ako sumuko na ko. Haha. :D :D :D Lol. Please help my soul.

Okay. Cafe World muna ko, kBye. :D :D
MuchKisses. :*:*:*

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