Saturday, October 31!
12:24 AM ;

Cold Afternoon. >:) I thought its going to rain so hard just like Ondoy. The typhoon went and left so fast. Hindi ko man lang na-enjoy yung lakas ng hangin. :D Hmm. It's the 31st already! Last day of my birth month. Tomorrow is official , Happy Halloween!. Haha. :D I guess matutuloy na kami sa pag-uwi sa Bulacan. So yea, updates? We went to Himlayan yesterday. We went there about 2 in the afternoon, medyo madami nang tao. Same reason siguro, para umiwas sa ulan. It's kinda OA nga, aga pa umuwi ng iba and some people went home kaagad pagkatapos dumalaw sa cemetery kasi dumidilim na, baka bumagsak ang ulan. Eh duh, mag-gagabi na nun. Talagang didilim na. ROLFMAO. XD We gave flowers and prayers to my lolo, his sister, and their parents and we left maybe 5pm already. We went directly to SM, cause I'm freaking hungry! Iono, pero gutom na gutom talaga ko. When we were still in the cemetery, I told my brother "En, gutom na ko. Kakain na ko ng damo at putik." Haha. :)) We ate a Mang Inasal. I'm starving talaga. Bloated na nga ako after kumain ng chicken & rice then I told my dad to order Halo-Halo. Kunyare share share. I ate 50% of it. Haha. XD So ayon, I'm so takaw. Haha. :D My mom did something very embarassing on my part. Haha. XD I-dialogue ko na lang para madaling intindihin.

 We were eating halo-halo, Mom, my brother, & I together with my lola. My dad went out of the mall to smoke..

Waiter: Ma'am, soup?

          Mama: Halo-halo, soup?
          Waiter: Ay, hindi po ma'am.. Sige po.

           (then the waiter left..)

          Me: Ma, ano ka ba? Nakakahiya.
          Mama: Bakit? Nakita nipyang naghahalo-halo tayo, mag-ooffer siya ng soup?
          Enzo: Eh trabaho niya yun, napahiya tuloy yung tao.
          Me: Oo nga, kung ikaw yun ayaw mo din naman na ginaganun ka.
          Mama: Eh bakit kayo, kakain ba kayo ng halo-halo at soup?
          Me: May mga tao kasing gusto yun. May mga taong gusto ang tandem ng ketchup at suka.
          Mama: Ah ganun ba..
          Enzo: Mag-sorry ka dun mama, di tayo aalis hanggat di ka nag-sosorry.
          Me: Grabe mama, nakakahiya talaga. Kawawa naman si kuya..
          Mama: Ang bigat naman non! Oh eto na, magsosorry na.
          (She approached the waiter while cleaning the other table..:

          Mama: Iho, sorry ha?
          Waiter: Saan po ma'am?
          Mama: Napahiya ka ba?
          Waiter: Ah, hindi po ma'am okay lang po yun.
          Mama: Ah, osige. Napagalitan kasi ako ng mga anak ko, lumapit ka nga dun para alam nilang okay ka lang.

          (Waiter laughs.)
 See? It's really embarrasing. Haha. XD My brother and I were laughing as we tell our dad what happened. :) My mom's getting on her childish side. It's really funny when she does things like that. Haha. :)) My lola was laughing too.

After that, we went to the grocery. As usual, my brother & I bought chips & cookies. Haha. :P For midnight, eh? & I bought a new shade of nail polish. :) Touch of Beige. :)) Im wearing it right now. I've been looking for this shade like forever. XD LOL. Then we went home. XD It was a fun night. I missed my mom.


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Wednesday, October 28!
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Finally!  I made it here. :)) Iono what the hell happened with my security options but I can't log in here and on Friendster. Hey what the Heck, My friendster's a dumpsite already. LOL. :))
Well, I really missed blogging! Haha. XD I tried posting on my Tumblr account, and part of being a noob there, it's kinda complicated. :/ So i tried logging in here, and I made it. Haha. LOL. :))

Few weeks have passed, Oh yeah.
Alot of stories to tell. :)
It's our semestral break till the 9th of Nov. Goodbye 1st sem, Hello Hectic sem!. :)
Umm. Im nervous about my final grades. X( I know I didn't do good on the later part. :(
Baka magka-back subjects ako! I'm thinking about maybe I'll have to take College Algebra again and Inorganic Chem. Seesh. :'( That's a hell of a crap! Waterloo ko talaga ang Math, ever since. I'd rather take English for the whole sem but not Math. Please. Sana naman nakapasa ako.. :( It's just my first year, and it's the first sem. HARR. I'm still coping, sana may consideration yun. :|

Few days to go, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! :)
I used to spell Halloween as Holoween. :D Yah. Watcha think? I find it cute. Haha. :)
My lola will be here later this afternoon and the whole fam will go visit my lolo at Himlayang Pilipino, you guys know that? It's somewhere in Tandang Sora. It's where one of Filipino's Female Heroes lies. :) Well I forgot her name. Haha. :D I have my picture taken there when I was 1 or 2 years old, i think. :) Then on the 31st or 1st, we'll go to the province to visit my lola naman. Sana it won't rain. Nov.1st na lang kami nakakapunta doon, so sana di na sya putikan doon. It's a private cemetery though, kaya lang mababa yung place kaya madaling bahain. Lalo na pag high tide. Kung hindi naman makakapunta, magrorosary na lang kami. :) My lola will understand.

I'm going to visit my affies na. :)
feeling ko naka-chamba lang ako ng log in ngayon. Hmm. :3

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Sunday, October 4!
8:54 AM ;
10mins before my



busy na ko bukas. :D
Baka late na mga reply.
So chill lang kayo jan. :D:D
May klase na eeh.

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Saturday, October 3!
4:29 AM ;
2 days before my birthday! :) Haha. So excited. After one week of no classes because of Ondoy, I will finally see my classmates & college friends. Yay. Tatanda ako ng 1 year. 3 years then I'm 20. :)) Okay lang. Haha. 1 more year before my LEGALity. Haha. :D LOL ~

My yaya gave me money as a gift. :) Haha. In advance kasi it's her payday today. We went to the mall kanina, just me, my dad, & mom. We bought something for my room, like an organizer-cabinet something like that para daw hindi na ko maging messy. Haha. :)) I'm so burara kasi. LOL~ I told them I wanted a new phone for my birthday. Then sabi ng dad ko, yung mura na lang daw. Yung tig-2k. HAHA. :D LOL. Ano yun?! 3210. Haha. :D Baka daw kasi iwala ko na naman. :P Yep, i lost my fone last month sa Gateway. Nadukot. So, ayun. I was with my friend, he borrowed it then we both can't remember what happened next. Haha. Bye phone. Bagong change ng theme pa naman yun. Haha. :D I told him I saw something already. Sony Ericson. Sabi niya baka daw masira ko lang. HARSH daw kasi ako sa cp. Haha. :) LOL. ~ Ewan. Basta magpapabili ako. Kahit ano, basta wag lang 2k. NAMAN! Haha. :D Ang arteeeeee. :D:D Yun lang. ~
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Friday, October 2!
2:44 AM ;

Look what that effin' rain did to our neighb. :(
Oh yes, I know, wala pa to sa mga naranasan ng Marikina and Pasig and other places. But to know na this is the first time na magbaha dito samin, it's really scary. :(( It happened last Saturday and again it's raining here because of Pepeng, I guess he is Ondoy's twin brother. LOL. :| If it happened once, it may happen twice. thrice. or more. I'm scared. Mataas na itong place namin sa Project 4, we're somewhere near Whiteplains. So yun, mataas na talaga. Yet inabot ng baha. Gawd, we're all scared. My mom already prepared our clothes and our valuables if ever something really bad happens tonight. Tonight, at around 9pm, tatapat ang tail or if not, and body, ni Typhoon Pepeng. I'm scared!!! Hay. There was an advisory kanina sa barangay to get ready, itaas lahat ng gamit na pwedeng mabasa dahil babaha nga. :( What's happening. Everything is happening really fast. Wala pa ang dad ko, he's still in the office. Anyway, he's just one jeep away. Kaya lang it's getting late. I hope he can get home sooner. :(
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Thursday, October 1!
9:32 AM ;
It's 10.01 :)
Haha. Four more days before my birthday. :D
I'm finally turning 17. Haha. XD I'm confused ~
I usually tell people that I'm already 17 [but honestly I'm just 16 right now], 
and I got used to it.
Haha. :D Before I would tell them that I am already 16, when in fact I'm just 15.
LOL. :D Haha. :)) I'm so happy. In four days, my being 17 will be official. HAHA.
This is crazy. :\

HOKAAY. We're still not safe here.
Super typhoon Pepeng will be striking us tomorrow night or early Sat.
It is said that it'll be worse than Ondoy!
What the hell?! What's gonna happen next?!
Mentro Manila will be sooo flooded again or worse it'll be removed from the map.
[i hope it won't. Hey, where are we going to live?!.] 
Anyway,we're still praying.
Besides, it's all we can do. :| Nature is so powerful. 
Sabi nga sa radio kanina,
"Wala nang tatalas sa talim ng dasal." :)
I dunno who said that, I just heard it.

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9:22 AM ;
[xcxpt fxr thx txtxlx. LXL]

hxhx. Lxt mx knxw xf yxx gxys cxn rxxd xt. :)
xm gxnnx gx dxwnstxxrs xnd wxxt fxr my bf's cxll. :D
xr mxybx lxtxr. :D thxs thxng xs fxll of 'X'. :P


lol. this is effin' crazy! :D
it's harder than i thought. HAHA. :))



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