Friday, November 20!
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My 90s-Nostalgia is also on



90's Nostalgia 

Thanks. :)

As of now, Updated pa rin 'tong Blogspot ko.

Nag-start lang ako sa Tumblr.

~ Mai

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Thursday, November 19!
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Got home from the hospital. Sorry I wasn't able to post something last night. K.O. ako eh! =p
Nyway, Mika, my cousin, is in the hospital. Dengue is it. Humabol pa siya sa last wave ng dengue for 2k9.. So far, she good. Starting to bleed, pero it's normanl naman daw according to our pedia. Mama & her parents decided to confine her in the hospital just few blocks away para ma-monitor daw siya. We ate Mcdo last night in her room. Wee! Yuminess. Haha. & PaoTsin kanina before I went home. I'm getting bigger & bigger, food attack. Haha. :D She can eat, I gave her grapes kanina, actually we we're playing with it kaya nakakain siya. Haha.

School? Too much works kanina. We're supposed to have a quiz for HeCo today but we didn't have it, a graded recitation for Philosophy about Socrates Plato & Aristotle, I recited naman & my blockmates we're all laughing kasi I pronounced Socrates as SOKREYTS. Haha. Yaah. Akala ko kasi ganun, haha. Well anyway, Angela & I we're tasked to report for our concept map in Panitikan but we end up having Earvin to discuss about it because it was his "concept". :))
GAA! 3courses in a row! Super K.O. Haha. I was like reading HeCo & Philo & Filipino papers while I was in the jeep, walking at the campus, going to my room @ 3rd floor, and eating "cookieng malaki" while having discussions. Haha. :D Then go ate Mcdo AGAIN for lunch. Haha. I never get tired of eating Mcdo's Caramel Sundae. Wiii! Haha. We didn't have NSTP class so I get to go home early and went to National Bookstore with my blockmates annd @ Daiso. :)) After buying necessary materials for Anal Chem tomorrow, blockmates went home & I went straight to the hospital & slept there. Haha. :D:D

I'm gonna watch SAW VI tonight. :D Sa net lang. SSSHH.  :))
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Tuesday, November 17!
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Holla! :) Just got home from watching 2012 at Gateway with blockmates. It's a WOW movie. Something deserving for the Oscars, right? 

We left school mga 11:30, Analytical Chem is heart pounding talaga ever! Nag-on the spot recitation si Prof I-Still-Dunno-Her-Unlucky-Name about the different chemical reactions. I'm thankful for my surname for saving me, hindi umabot sa 'P'. :D Then we went to Mcdo to have our early lunch kasi nga we're so excited to go to the movies na, haha! :D Ate Caramel Sundae, yum-ness. :D

We got there at 1:00 in the afternoon, kaya lang di namin naabutan yung 2012 Dolby, napunta tuloy sa ordinary. Grr. But it's okay. Haha. :)) Nag-brownout pa, but it didn't took long for the elec. to be up again. Gadd it's cold. The movie lasted for 2 and half hours so sulit na sulit. Haha. :) FUUUUN day.GREEEEAT movie, too. :)) *2 thumbs up!
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Monday, November 16!
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Can't wait for tomorrow. :))
So much excitement daw oh. Haha.

2012 isn't worth watching daw?? :| Parang di naman..
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